Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meeting Duran Duran?... um what?

I have been a Duran Duran fan since 1981, one of the original Duranies. Yet in 26 years I had never met them. This changed on November 3rd, 2007. A date I will never forget, and honestly still can't believe it happened. Duran Duran were doing a stint on Broadway at the Barrymore Theatre celebrating their fantastic new CD, Red Carpet Massacre. I flew into New York, yes again :), Friday 11/2, and had tickets to the Saturday show.

I went to the VIP pre-show event and found out that I had won a chance to meet the band backstage before the show. After about 10 mins I think I said, "great" or something clever like that. I was extremely nervous, after such a long time, I was wondering if I would ever meet them. Finally, it was time to go and so 13 of us, the other winners, Jen from the fan club and I, all piled into a very small elevator at the hotel. Whenever the elevator stopped most had the intelligence to see that it was full... but not everyone. This one woman insisted on getting on the elevator, causing the door to get off track when it tried to close. We were stuck. Stuck. I am petrified of being trapped in tight spaces. Internally I was freaking out!! After about 15 mins we finally got to the next floor and the doors opened. I have never been so grateful to see stairs in my life!

We finally get to the venue, about 20 mins late, and go downstairs to where the meet and greet will be held. The band showed up within just a min or so. John walked down the line first and was very sweet. Jen and I filled him in about what happened on the elevator. Roger was next, and then Simon... dear Simon. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to talk to him much, but I did say hi and shook his hand. Finally, Nick was there. This was a moment I had always been nervous about, wondering how I would react. I kept it together, though. :) I mentioned that it was wonderful to meet him, especially after 26 years. He smiled and told me I must be very patient. :) I asked him how the show was going and he said that it was going well and that he was hoping I would like it... hmm, there's was more than a gigantic chance I would. We then did the group pictures, I was between Nick and Simon, and then we left.

I had a great seat for the show, 4th row center, and thought it was amazing. The first set was the new CD, they performed the entire thing live. It was cool actually hearing it performed live before even having it in hand. The electro set in the middle was wonderful, you never get a chance to see Roger during a show as he is hidden by his drums, so it was nice to see him. The last set consisted of several of their classic hits. The whole show was fantastic and if I didn't have to fly home the next day I would've loved to see it again.

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