Monday, October 29, 2007

Also while in New York

My brother, a very talented actor/dancing/singer is currently in a play, so I also went to see him. The play was great and he was fantastic, course I'm a bit biased. :)

On my last night there I attended an advanced screening of CNN's amazing documentary Planet In Peril. More on this series later, but the screening was great. Anderson Cooper was on hand to tell us a bit about his experiences and to answer some questions. He was funny as he usually is and I have to admit I'm right there with him in regards to the whole bug thing. I don't get the sheer joy Jeff gets from seeing them, but more power to him... I'll be inside. :) I asked Anderson what surprised him most. He said that it was actually seeing it for himself. For our entire lives, or so it seems, both Anderson and I have heard about the destruction of the Amazon and the melting of the ice sheets. Even so, he said it was surprising to actually see it. I definitely get that, seeing for yourself makes it real. Hmm, sounds like a mantra of Anderson's.

All in all it was another great weekend in New York!

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