Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Elton John's AIDS Foundation Benefit... aka Hangin' with Mr. Cooper

The reason I was in New York this week was to attend the annual (althought it was my first time going) benefit dinner for the EJAF. This was a really great evening. The best part of which was that I finally got a chance to meet someone I'd been wanting to meet for quite awhile. The host of the evening: Anderson Cooper. I must admit I was quite nervous, Anderson is truly an extraordinary person, but I finally got a chance, and the courage, to walk up and introduce myself. He could not have been nicer. We shook hands and he was very sweet and seemed genuinely appreciative when I told him that I really enjoyed his show and his book.

The rest of the evening was very nice, and seeing KD Lang perform was a big treat. She has an amazing voice. The foundation does some amazing work to help both those suffering from HIV/AIDS and their families, but also works very hard towards prevention and education. It was definitely a worthy cause and I'm glad I was able to help support it.