Friday, June 1, 2007

Chicago's children

I'm currently watching my DVR (recording of last night's AC 360 on CNN) while getting this all set up. Anderson is being tested on the spelling of the word "Serrefine". He guessed it the way I would... we were both wrong.

I'm amazed at what's happening in Chicago right now, it's insane, but I'm glad that CNN is bringing such an important story to light. For those that didn't see it, so far 28 school age kids have been murdered this school year. My heart goes out to the families effected by these senseless acts of violence, both in Chicago and throughout the rest of the country. Our children need help, encouragement and guidance... and in my opinion less time on their hands. Idle time and boredom is a big reason kids go searching. Helping and encouraging them to find positive ways to spend their time will go a long way in keeping kids out of trouble.

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